Mission in Hosea articleIt is always good to discover the work of others who share an interest in the crossover field of Bible and Mission. I recently came across a blog entry that reflected on the missional significance of the book of Hosea, written by Stephen Murray on his blog, ‘Daylight’. You can read it in its entirety here: Mission in Hosea.

I’d encourage you to read the whole article; here is his concluding paragraph to whet your appetite:

Hosea is a prophetic book against a stark historical background that gives us good insight into the workings and desires of a missionary God. The book shows us that God is a passionately loving God, even to the most undeserving of people, it shows us that God is a God who longs for reconciliation from our rebellious ways and finally it also shows that God is a God who will judge all rebellion once and for all. As we contemplate mission we cannot look past these three fundamental truths and so it is helpful to consider Hosea as making an important contribution to the canonical discussion of mission.

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