International Journal of Frontier MissionsWhile roaming the web this week I came across the online archive for the International Journal of Frontier Missions . This is the journal of the International Society for Frontier Missiology (ISFM) and is published by William Carey International University.

The whole lot is readily available of the web, which is fantastic. The issue I was particularly looking for was volume 13:1 from 1996 on the theme, which featured the following articles:

  • The Great Commission in the Old Testament – Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
  • All the Clans, All the Peoples – Richard Showalter
  • The Supremacy of God Among all the Nations – John Piper
  • Challenging the Church to World Missions – David Hesselgrave
  • Biblical Foundations for Missions: Seven Basic Lessons – Thomas Schirrmacher
  • Seeing the Big Picture – Ralph D. Winter
  • Melchizedek and Abraham Walk Together in World Missions – W. Douglas Smith, Jr.
  • The Biblical Basis and Priority for Frontier Missions – William O’Brien

As well as this specific issue there are loads of other interesting sounding Bible and Mission articles throughout the archive:

  • Relational Bible Storying and Scripture Use in Oral Muslim Contexts – Jack Colgate
  • Re-Contextualization: Restoring the Biblical Message to a Jewish-Israeli Context – Gavriel Gefen
  • Allah in Translations of the Bible – Kenneth J. Thomas
  • Selecting and Using Scripture Portions Effectively in Frontier Missions – Rick Brown
  • Snowflakes: the Common Ground of God’s Wisdom – Rick Leatherwood
  • Comparing Modern-day Alternatives to Biblical Conversion – David F. Wells
  • The Biblical Narrative as Agent for Worldview Change – Don Pederson
  • Chronological Bible Storying to Tribal and Nomadic Peoples – J. O. Terry
  • Genesis Teaches Mayan Believers the Character of God – Cynthia Klatt
  • The Role of the O.T. In Evangelism – Don Pederson
  • A Missionary Hermeneutic – David J. Hesselgrave
  • Biblical Studies and Frontier Missions – Larry Caldwell
  • Reaching Buddhists through Old Testament Wisdom Literature – Keith Carey
  • The Theme of Judgment in Isaiah and the Quran – Carol Wright
  • Old Testament Principles on Reaching the Refugee – Brenda Thompson
  • Paul’s Boast and God’s Glory: Frontier Missions in Romans 15:17-21 – Michael McClymond


5 thoughts on “International Journal of Frontier Missions archive

    1. Hello brother. I teach missiology and train to-be missionaries in several bible schools in Brazil, and would love to have theses articles acessible. Could you please, help me in sending them?

      Thank you ever so much


  1. I enjoy reading some articles in the archive particularly the one that discussed strattegy and experiences of missionery activities amongst the pullo in Mali. I will appreciate receiving the 1996 edition of the journal and current edition on a regular basis.

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