Is it time for a journal specifically dedicated to Bible and mission? So far I’ve edited individual editions of Redcliffe’s Encounters journal on the theme of Bible and Mission:

Mission and the Old Testament – April 2007

The Bible and Mission – June 2009

The Psalms and Mission – June 2010 (due out early next month)

But is this enough for such a vast and growing area of scholarly and practical interest? There are many biblical studies journals and numerous periodicals addressing mission thinking and praxis. But, as far as I am aware, there is nothing that offers a regular, sustained treatment of mission in the Bible and the Bible in mission.

What would you want to see a ‘Journal of Bible and Mission’ do?

One thought on “Journal of Bible and Mission

  1. I think that a Journal of Bible and Mission would be a timely addition to what is currently available — particularly if this journal is truly a forum for interdisciplinary conversation and debate between missiology and biblical studies.

    1) Such a journal could be the natural home for studies/reviews of missional hermeneutics.
    2) if mission includes both the terms “missions” and “missional” it could bring into dialogue issues of church multiplication and church renewal with issues of biblical interpretation and proclamation. 3) I hope that it can be a forum for voices from around the global Church

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