Some papers from the working groups leading up to last year’s Lausanne congress were made available through the Evangelical Review of Theology. They are also freely available on Lausanne’s website, along with a whole host of other valuable documents: Lausanne documents

The four issues of ERT are:

ERT volume 31:4 October 2007 on Following Jesus in Our Broken World

Following Jesus as Unique Lord and Saviour in a Broken Pluralistic World – John Azumah
Following Jesus as the Truth: Postmodernity and Challenges of Relativism – Mark L.Y. Chan
Following Jesus in the Globalized Marketplace – Chris Wright
Following Jesus as his Community in the Broken World of Ethnic Identity – Dewi Hughes
Following Jesus in Contexts of Power and Violence – Jonathan Bonk
Following Jesus in a World of Suffering and Violence – Isaiah M. Dau
Case-Study: Overseas Filipino Workers – Athena E. Gorosp

ERT volume 33:1 January 2009 on The Whole Gospel

Editorial: ‘The Whole Gospel’: Lausanne reflects on its own vision
‘According to the Scriptures’: The Whole Gospel in Biblical Revelation
– Chris Wright
The Gospel and the Achievement of the Cross – Mark L. Y. Chan
Signs, Wonders, and Ministry: the Gospel in the Power of the Spirit – J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu
The Gospel and Ethics – Jonathan Bonk
‘Unexpected’ Guests at God’s Banquet Table: Gospel in Mission and Culture – Ruth Padilla deBors
The Gospel in Historical Reception – Timothy C. Tennent
Case Study: How will we know when the Holy Spirit comes? The question of discernment – Kirsteen Kim

ERT volume 34:1 January 2010 on The Whole Church

‘The Whole Church’ A Statement of the Lausanne Theology Working Group
‘The Whole Church’ — Brief Biblical Survey – Chris Wright
Biblical Perspectives on the Role of Immigrants in God’s Mission – Charles (Chuck) An Engen
The Whole Church as a Transformed and Transforming Society – Dewi Hughes
Ethnicity and the People of God – Milton Acosta
Case study: ‘Unwanted Sectarians’: Spirit, Migration and Mission in an Case study: African-led Mega-Size Church in Eastern Europe – J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu
Case study: New Faces of the Church: An Indian Case Study – Paul Joshua Bhakiaraj
Case study: Lessons from My Daughter: Reflections of Church and Ethics – J. Daniel Salinas
Case study: Way of Hope in Cambodia – Stephan J. Bauman
Case study: A Neopentecostal Experience of Aimara People – Marcel Vargas

ERT volume 34:3 July 2010 on The Whole World

‘The Whole World’ – Statement of the Lausanne Theology Working Group, Beirut 2010
The World in the Bible – Christopher J.H. Wright
Towards a Missiology of Caring for Creation – Peter Harris
The Global Public Square – Vinoth Ramachandra
Can Christians Belong to More than one Religious Tradition? – Tan Kang-San
Case study: Peacemaking amidst urban violence in Brazil – C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell (Brazil)
Case study: The gospel amidst ethnic violence in Burundi – Emmanuel Ndikumana (Burundi)
Case study: The world threat of nuclear weapons, and the church’s role – Tyler Wigg-Stevenson
Case study: eVangelism: The gospel and the world of the internet – Rob Haskell (USA)
Case study: The separation of beliefs and religion in Europe – Birger Nygaard (Denmark)

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