ion journalOrality is one of the biggest and most exciting issues in Bible and mission today. I have blogged about it many times (see here for posts mentioning orality) and we have even developed a section for resources on the Bible and orality. Orality is also addressed in our teaching here at Redcliffe both at undergrad and postgrad levels (especially through the BA degree’s module, ‘Story, Song and Social Networks: Bible Engagement and Oral Culture’ and the MA module, ‘Bible Engagement in Intercultural Contexts’).

One of the key networks for Bible and orality is the International Orality Network. ION have recently announced the publication of the first issue of a new journal focusing on the theme of orality. You can find a link to the full issue pdf here: Orality Journal – volume 1 number 1.

No doubt this will be an indispensable journal. Here is the description of the journal and list of articles to the current issue:

Orality Journal is the journal of the International Orality Network.  It is published online semi-annually and aims to provide a platform for scholarly discourse on the issues of orality, discoveries of innovations in orality, and praxis of e!ectiveness across multiple domains in society.  This online journal is international and interdisciplinary, serving the interests of the orality movement through research articles, documentation, book reviews, and academic news.  Occasionally, print editions will be created. Submission of items that could contribute to the furtherance of the orality movement are welcomed.


Editor’s Notes – Samuel Chiang.

The Extent of Orality: 2012 Update – Grant Lovejoy. Using UN and OCED stats, the author shares how a credible analysis emerges concerning the size of oral preference learners in the world today.

The Worldwide Spread of Bible Storying: A Look at Where We’ve Been – J.O. Terry. An overview of the recent history and expansion of the Bible Storytelling movement.

The Two Journeys of Shanti and Jasmine – Tricia Stringer. This article covers insights and elucidation of the rippling effects when orality is practiced in hi-tech communities.

One Thousand Orphans Tell God’s Story – Marlene LeFever. The author shares what could happen when a ministry retools in realtime and includes orality principles and practices.

Mind the Gap: Bhutan as a Case Study – A. Steve Evans. A fresh look at using orality in Bhutan.

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