Redcliffe's MA in Bible and Mission enables students to explore mission in the Bible and the Bible in mission thinking and practice.

So today I thought I’d go for some subliminal advertising ūüėČ

Joking aside, we love our MA in Bible and Mission because it gives students an opportunity to dig deep roots into the missional nature of the Bible, reflecting on mission in the Bible and the Bible in mission. Compulsory modules include: Method and content in missiological study;¬†Reading the Bible missionally; and¬†Bible engagement in intercultural contexts. You then get to choose an optional module from some of Redcliffe’s other MA programmes, which may concentrate on a particular context or theme in mission. These might include:¬†The mission of the Church in the context of post-colonialism and globalisation;¬†Crucial issues in Asian mission and theology;¬†Crucial Issues in European mission and theology;¬†An introduction to global leadership;¬†Theology of religions;¬†Just¬†mission ‚Äď justice issues in intercultural contexts.

Students come for a variety of reasons and from a variety of backgrounds. It’s a privilege to lead and teach on the course. Not only do I get to share my passion and learning from my PhD research on missional hermeneutics, but I also get to work with some very talented colleagues who teach on the programme, both from within the faculty at Redcliffe, but also from partner organisations such as Wycliffe Bible Translators and Bible Society. Each student brings something unique to the group and whether they go on to mission training, Bible teaching, organisational roles, local church work, student ministry, etc, etc, it’s a genuine privilege to see how they take and apply what they have been learning.

If you are interested to know more, why not visit the MA in Bible and Mission¬†page on Redcliffe’s website or drop me a line at

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