Today we had a faculty retreat day in preparation for the year ahead at Redcliffe. We were led in the morning by Antony Billington and Tracy Cotterell from LICC (London Institute of Contemporary Christianity) who helped us to reflect in really valuable ways on God’s Word and the nature of whole-life missional discipleship.

You can see a video here of Antony describing LICC’s approach to Bible Engagement. The website also has loads of resources on the Bible and mission. For example, their Bible & Culture section explains,

The Word of God, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, is the primary means for knowing God and being shaped into the image of his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.  From beginning to end, Scripture tells of God’s redemptive purposes not only for the church but for all creation, including our own role in that great plan.

LICC remains committed to seeking wisdom for the big questions of our time and the minutiae of our daily lives by listening to God’s word.  But if we are to really equip Christians to show and share the transforming power of the Gospel in word and action, then we need to listen carefully, both to the attitudes and beliefs, concerns and fears of people in contemporary society and also to Christians’ own experiences and concerns.

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