PrintI’m looking forward to reading Brian Russell’s new book on a missional reading of Scripture, (re)Aligning with God: Reading Scripture for Church and World, which has just been published by Cascade / Wipf and Stock. Brian blogs over at and has been teaching and writing on the topic for a number of years. Definitely one to get hold of!

Here’s the publisher blurb and contents:

How do we communicate the message of the Scriptures in our twenty-first-century, post-Christian context? (re)Aligning with God: Reading Scripture for Church and World answers this question by presenting the Scriptures through the lens of mission and by teaching a method for reading Scripture with a missional hermeneutic. The biblical story seeks to convert us to its perspective and to transform its readers and hearers into God’s missional community that exists to reflect and embody God’s character to/for/in the world. Ready to revolutionize your reading of the Bible and expand your ability to unleash the Scriptures in your context? (re)Aligning with God will give you rich content and practical tools to become a profound, inspiring, and confident reader of the Bible for all who are seeking to hear its good news.

Endorsements & Reviews

“This book . . . makes a well-argued case for reading Scripture through a missional lens and gives practical guidelines for how to do this. If this were all the book did, it would be well worth a read; but it goes a step further. It calls us to action . . . [T]his isn’t the most comfortable book you will ever read on the subject of hermeneutics, but it is one of the most challenging.” –Eddie Arthur, missionary blogger and writer; director of strategic initiatives for Global Connections

“What would happen if the church read its Scriptures for the sake of God’s mission in the world? What would this look like? And how might we shape communities of Christ followers for whom these questions are central? Here’s the long-awaited manual for those of us who are interested in missional hermeneutics. Russell shows the way. Take and read.” –Joel B. Green, Dean of the School of Theology and Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Fuller Theological Seminary



  1. Scripture and Conversion

PART ONE: (re)Engaging God’s Story

  1. The Old Testament Story: Creation, Fall, and Israel
  2. The Old Testament Story: Israel’s Life in the Land, Prophets and Writings
  3. The New Testament Story: Jesus the Messiah, the Mission of the Church, New Creation

PART TWO: Learning to Speak Human: Reading the Bible for All People

  1. Learning to Speak Human: Methodology and Missional Hermeneutics
  2. Reading the Old and New Testament Missionally: Jonah and Philippians

PART THREE: Aligning Our Communities

  1. Unleashing the Biblical Narrative: Implementing a Missional Hermeneutic in Our Communities of Faith

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