screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-10-17-25This year Urban Loft Publishers are launching an exciting Bible commentary series that will read texts through an urban missiology lens.

It seems like a significant series, not least because of the rich insights each volume will bring. Perhaps more significantly, an ambitious project like this would suggest that the missional hermeneutics conversation (and related conversations) has developed to such a degree that there is now confidence to launch a whole series of readings that cover the whole Bible.

Here is the website description of the series

The Polis Bible Commentary Series is a new Bible commentary series designed to be global in scope, urban in focus, and missional in perspective. This commentary is not just another commentary on the Bible. Each book of the Bible will be examined by a team consisting of a trained biblical scholar and an experienced urban specialist. These scholars will work in dialog to produce a reading of Scripture that addresses the concerns of our increasingly urbanized world. The format will include two sections: the text, with discussion and scholarship from a global missiological context (written by the biblical scholar) and an urban contextual application (written by the urban/missiological scholar).

The authors will be from many countries and different evangelical backgrounds. It is expected that his approach will produce a rich tapestry of fresh theological material designed to serve the 21st century church.

Polis” is the Greek word for “city.” The editors of this series are convinced that cities, which are now home to the majority of the earth’s residents, represent the mission field of the future. The Polis Bible Commentary is anticipated to be 30 volumes, with the first volumes being published in the 1st quarter of 2016. This will be an 8-10 year project, with a target of four volumes being published each year.

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