screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-16-49-25Are you reading anything in particular over the Lent period? I’ve chosen a couple of things to work through between now and Easter. The first is a new book by Lynn Japinga on Preaching the Women of the Old Testament. It has 40 chapters covering 40 women and, according to the blurb, the author ‘demonstrates how the character’s story has been read in Christian tradition and offers sermon ideas that connect contemporary issues to each story.’

The other thing I’ll be reading through is a resource produced by All We Can called All Together for Justice. I have contributed one reflection on ‘Made in God’s Image’ and it was put together by Claire Welch, a current student on the ‘Bible and Mission’ stream of Redcliffe’s MA in Contemporary Missiology. I asked Claire to say something about it for this blog:

I work for a Christian international development charity called All We Can. As part of my role, I have the privilege of helping Christians engage their faith with issues of poverty and injustice. To do this I write resources that pull together biblical reflection with current world issues. The most recent resource I have launched is called, All Together for Justice, which benefits from the contributions of theologians and leading Christian figures. All Together for Justice is a book of reflections, activities and prayers that can be followed over Lent (or any other 40-day period). It is designed to be used daily by individuals or weekly by small groups. This resource is free for you to order and enjoy. Just visit

In a recent news item, All We Can talk about the enthusiastic uptake of the resource. Indeed, they have now developed an email version that you can access here:

Well done Claire, we’re all proud of you!

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