The Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission (CSBM) exists to serve the Global Church by promoting missional engagement with the Bible, and biblical engagement with mission thinking and practice.

We aim for CSBM to be an internationally recognised centre of excellence for exploring the vital relationship between the Bible and mission:

  • Promoting, deepening and broadening the conversation on missional hermeneutics within the academy
  • Enthusing, equipping and supporting the next generation of missional hermeneutics scholars and scholar-practitioners;
  • Embedding mission into the reading, preaching, and studying of the Bible in the local churches

9 thoughts on “About the CSBM

  1. Glad you are enjoying researching all of this. I have loved learning OT things here in America that I just simply never knew before.

    Hope you are well Tim, and enjoy blogging…

  2. Thanks for spreading the word about Carl Armerding’s Festschrift. Blessings on the strategic ministry of the college. For the interest of any who are old enough to remember me, I am currently serving as the English pastor of a large Chinese congregation in Richmond (Vancouver), BC, Canada.


  3. My Apologies! This is the first time I have ever seen this site. I am a Missionary in the Cloud Forest Region of Ecuador and have been, along with my wife the only missionaries in the region for that last 5 years. What an awesome job you have done in putting together these resources.

  4. Hi,
    I just ran across this blog and was wondering if you guys have any M.A courses online? Would it be possible to get an M.A through you all in Bible and missions through correspondence?


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