Here you will find a list of books and articles useful for study and research into the Bible and Mission. Please note, most of the links below take you to third-party sites; i.e., the articles are not stored and have not been uploaded onto our site. We are just pointing you in their direction.

Allen, R. Missionary Methods: St Paul’s or Ours (London: Robert Scott, 1912).

Barram, M. ‘A Response at AAR to Hunsberger’s “Proposals…” Essay‘, Gospel and Our Culture Newsletter eSeries, 2 (January 2009).

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Bauckham, R. The Bible and Mission: Christian Witness in a Postmodern World (Carlisle: Paternoster Press, 2004).

Beeby, H.D. Canon and Mission (Harrisburg: Trinity Press International, 1999).

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Brownson, J.V. ‘A Response at SBL to Hunsberger’s “Proposals…” Essay‘, Gospel and Our Culture Newsletter eSeries, 2 (January 2009).

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Flemming, D. ‘Revelation and the Missio Dei: Toward a Missional Reading of the Apocalypse’ Journal of Theological Interpretation, 6.2 (Fall 2012), 161-178.

Gardner, P., Wright, C. and Green, C. (eds) Fanning the Flame: Bible, Cross and Mission (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2003).

Glaser, I. The Bible and Other Faiths: What does the Lord Require of Us? (Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, 2005).

Glasser, A.F., Van Engen, C.E., Gilliland, D.S. and Redford, S.B. Announcing the Kingdom: The Story of God’s Mission in the Bible (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2003).

Goheen, M.W.  ‘A Critical Examination of David Bosch’s Missional Reading of Luke’ in C.G. Bartholomew, J.B. Green and A.C. Thiselton (eds.), Reading Luke: Interpretation, Reflection, Formation (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2005), pp.229-264.

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Hunsberger, G. ‘Proposals for a Missional Hermeneutic: Mapping a Conversation‘, Gospel and Our Culture Newsletter eSeries, 2 (January 2009). Subsequently published as G. ‘Proposals for a Missional Hermeneutic: Mapping a Conversation’, Missiology, 39:3 (July 2011), 309-321.

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Martin-Archard, R. A Light to the Nations: A Study of the Old Testament Conception of Israel’s Mission to the World (Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd, 1962).

McLean, A. Where the Book speaks; or, Mission studies in the Bible (London: Fleming H. Revell Co., 1907).

Muthuraj, J.G. ‘Mission and Universalism in Luke-Acts‘, Indian Journal of Theology, Vol 39, No 1 (1997), 56-66.

Noble, P. ‘Israel Among the Nations’ in Horizons in Biblical Theology: An International Dialogue, 15:1 (June, 1993), pp.56-82.

Okoye, J.C. Israel and the Nations: A Mission Theology of the Old Testament (Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2006).

Parsons, M. Text and Task: Scripture and Mission (Carlisle: Paternoster Press, 2006).

Peskett, H. and Ramachandra, V. The Message of Mission (Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, 2003).

Peters, G.W. A Biblical Theology of Missions (Chicago: Moody Press, 1972).

Piper, J. Let the Nations be Glad! The Supremacy of God in Missions, Revised and Expanded edition (Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, 2003).

Porter, S.E. and Westfall, C.L. (eds.) Christian Mission: Old Testament Foundations and New Testament Developments (Eugene: Pickwick Publications, 2010).

Redford, S.B. Missiological Hermeneutics: Biblical Interpretation for the Global Church (Eugene: Pickwick Publications, 2012).

Rowley, H.H. Israel’s Mission to the World (London: SCM Press, 1939).

Rowley, H.H. The Missionary Message of the Old Testament (London: The Carey Press, 1945).

Russell, B.D. ‘What is a Missional Hermeneutic?‘, Catalyst On-line, 36:4 (2011).

Senior, D. and Stuhlmueller, C. The Biblical Foundations for Mission (London: SCM Press, 1983).

Schnabel, E.J. Early Christian Mission, Volume 1: Jesus and the Twelve (Leicester: Apollos, 2004).

Schnabel, E.J. Early Christian Mission, Volume 2: Paul and the Early Church (Leicester: Apollos, 2004).

Seitz, C.R. Figured Out: Typology and Providence in Christian Scripture (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2001). Ch. 11 ‘The Old Testament, Mission, and Christian Scripture, pp.145-157.

Stiff, T. Reading the Bible Missionally (pdf) Sets ‘n’ Service blog (2009).

Storr, V.F. The Missionary Genius of the Bible (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1924).

Stumme, W. (ed) Bible and Mission (Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1986).

Timmer, D.C. ‘Jonah and Mission: Missiological Dichotomy, Biblical Theology, and the Via Tertia‘, Westminster Theological Journal, 70:1 (Spring 2008), 159-175.

Timmer, D.C. A Gracious and Compassionate God: Mission, salvation and spirituality in the book of Jonah (Nottingham: Apollos, 2011).

Wagner, R. Heralds of Good News: Paul and Isaiah ‘In Concert’ in the letter to the Romans, Leiden: Brill (2002).

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Warman, F.S.G. Missions and the Minor Prophets: A Series of Bible Studies (London: Church Missionary Society, 1909).

Woods, J. ‘The West as Nineveh: Hows Does Nahum’s Message of Judgement Apply Today?’ Themelios, 31:1 (October 2005), 7-37.

Wright, C. ‘Christian Mission and the Old Testament: Matrix or Mismatch?’ Henry Martyn Seminar given on 9 November 2000 at Westminster College, Cambridge.

Wright, C.J.H. ‘Covenant: God’s mission through God’s people’ in J.A. Grant and A.I. Wilson (eds.) The God of Covenant: Biblical, Theological and Contemporary Perspectives (Leicester: Apollos, 2005).

Wright, C.J.H. ‘Mission as a Matrix for Hermeneutics and Biblical Theology’ in C. Bartholomew, M. Healy, K. Möller and R. Parry, Out of Egypt: Biblical Theology and Biblical Interpretation (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2004), pp.102-143.

Wright, C.J.H. The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative (Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, 2006).

Wright, C.J.H. The Mission of God’s People: A Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2010).

Wright, C.J.H. ”Prophet to the Nations’: Missional Reflections on the Book of Jeremiah’ in J.A. Grant, A. Lo and G.J. Wenham (eds), God of Faithfulness: Essays in honour of J. Gordon McConville on his 60th birthday (London: T. & T. Clark, 2011), pp.112-129. Also published in Encounters Mission Journal, 29 (June 2009).

Wright, C.J.H. ‘Truth with a Mission: Reading Scripture Missiologically’ in P. Gardner, C. Wright and C. Green (eds.), Fanning the Flame: Bible, Cross and Mission (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2003), pp.221-239.

Wright, C.J.H. Truth with a Mission: Reading Scripture Missiologically (Cambridge: Grove Books, 2005).

Wright, C.J.H. Truth with a Mission: Reading All Scripture Missiologically, Southern Baptist Journal of Theology, 15.2 (2011), pp.4-15.

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