Bible and Mission at Edinburgh 2010

One of the study topics of this year’s Edinburgh 2010 conference is entitled, ‘Bible and mission ~ mission in the Bible’. It is one of the ‘transversal topics’ (along with Women and mission; Youth and mission; Healing and reconciliation; Contextualization, inculturation and dialogue of worldviews; Subaltern voices; and Ecological perspectives on mission), which are themes that thread across the main study areas of Foundations for mission; Christian mission among other faiths; Mission and post-modernity; Mission and power; Forms of missionary engagement; Theological education and formation; Christian communities in contemporary contexts; Mission and unity – ecclesiology and mission; and Mission spirituality and authentic discipleship.
The intro on the Bible and mission page has the following introduction:
The Bible has a very important place in mission: as source of authority and resource for mission, and because the Bible testifies to God’s mission in many ways. Two main groups are participating in Edinburgh 2010 by addressing this key topic for any Christian approach to mission: the Francophone Association for Mission Studies (AFOM) and the Forum of Bible Agencies International (FOBA-). Find details of their activities on this page, and other links.
For more information visit the Edinburgh 2010 Bible and Mission page