Missional Bible Study

One of the questions I have with missional hermeneutics is this: ‘What difference will it make in a mid-week Bible Study group? How should this way of reading the Bible affect how we study the Scriptures on a day to day basis?’

One answer to this is provided by George Hunsberger in a Gospel and Our Culture newsletter from September 1999:

The authors of Missional Church declare that “the way to the formation of missional communities begins and ends in our confrontation with and by the Scriptures” (p. 246). If that is true, we will need to learn a new way of placing ourselves in front of the text. Bible study guides and methods that focus on each individual’s relationship to God will not be enough. We will need to learn to read the Bible together as a community that is called and sent by God.

This was part of a pilot initiative to encourage local congregations to engage in Bible study that sought to shape the ‘community of witness’.

The five questions Hunsberger suggests we ask of texts are:

Mission – How does this text send us and equip our witness?
Context – How does this text read us and our world?
Gospel – How does this text evangelize us with good news?
Change – How does this text convert us in personal and corporate life?
Future – How does this text orient us to the coming reign of God?

There is much more to be said on this. Consider this post an opening move…