Square Mile initiative

Square MileJesus calls his followers to be salt and light in the world (Matt. 5:13-16). Salt and light make a difference. You would notice if they weren’t there. But,

‘Would anyone in your community notice if your church ceased to exist?’

This provocative question is asked by the Evangelical Alliance as part of a new initiative called ‘Square Mile’, which aims to encourage churches to engage in truly integral mission.

Here’s what they say,

Square Mile is an Evangelical Alliance initiative which aims to catalyse and equip Christians to take a truly integrated approach to mission, expressed in four dimensions:

Mercy: demonstrating God’s compassion to the poor
Influence: being salt and light in the public life of the community
Life Discipleship: equipping Christians for missional living as workers & neighbours
Evangelism: faithful and relevant communication of the gospel

For more information, check out the Square Mile website