Free access to IJFM journal issue on Bible translation

Thanks to Scripture Engagement for the heads up. The July-September 2011 issue of the free-to-access and tremendously helpful International Journal of Frontier Missions focused on some crucial issues in Bible and mission.

Here’s an outline of the content:

28:3 – The Terms of Translation
From the Editor’s Desk by Brad Gill
A New Look at Translating Familial Biblical Terms by Rick Brown, Leith Gray and Andrea Gray
A Brief Analysis of Filial and Paternal Terms in the Bible by Rick Brown, Leith Gray, and Andrea Gray
When “Literal” is Inaccurate: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Translating Scripture Meaningfully by Donna Toulmin
Ideological Challenges for Bible Translators by Roy E. Ciampa
Basic Principles and Procedures for Bible Translation, Forum of Bible Agencies International

Click on the link to access all the articles: IJFM issue 28:3 on The Terms of Translation