The Bible in World Christian Perspective

The Bible in World Christian Perspective is the title of a book of studies in honour of Carl Armerding, formerly of Schloss Mittersill Study Centre, Austria and Regent College, Vancouver. It is edited by David W. Baker and W. Ward Gasque (Vancouver: Regent College Publishing, 2009).

Here are the blurb and contents:

The Bible is by far the most widely translated and circulated book in the world, and Christianity is by far the most globally dispersed religion. The Christian faith can no longer be said to be a “Western” religion. The axis of influence in the world Christian movement is now in the South and the East. Africa is home to the largest number of Christians, and now China, where a generation ago prospects for the faith looked most unpromising, represents the locus where the church is growing most rapidly.

Theological education has also changed radically in recent years. As the church has grown throughout the world, new forms of equipping both clergy and laity for ministry have sprung up to meet changing needs and circumstances.

Carl E. Armerding has played a major role in re-shaping theological education. He was a founding member of the faculty of Regent College, Vancouver, Canada (1970–91), a globally influential school of theology, and served as its second President (1977–88). Having given leadership to the college during the period of its greatest growth and the development of its beautiful campus, he invested the next decade- and-a-half of his life in providing innovative Christian higher education to a wide range of international students, especially those from Central and Eastern Europe, as the Director of Schloss Mittersill Study Centre, Austria (1991–2006), and at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (1991–2002). He continues to teach and to advise students associated with these three institutions, along with others around the world. This collection of essays by colleagues, former students, and friends is an expression of appreciation for the leadership he has given to Christian higher education.

Table of contents:

1. The Bible in the World and the World of the Bible – David W. Baker
2. Exodus 22:1-4: A Case of Restitution vs. Retribution – Robin J. DeWitt Knauth
3. Eight Key Functions of Leadership – Soo-Inn Tan
4. Herodotus and Esther: A Second Look – Robert L. Hubbard, Jr.
5. Some Reflections on Paul’s Understanding of Christ as Lord – Gordon D. Fee
6. Petitionary Prayer and the Nature of God – Clark H. Pinnock
7. The Reforming Agency of a Psalm in the Later Middle Ages – James M. Houston
8. Becoming the People’s Book: A Brief History of the Bible in China – Glen G. Scorgie
9. What Evangelicals Can Learn from the Benedictines – Laurel Gasque and W. Ward Gasque
10. Apologetics Today: Learning from a Master – Michael Green
11. Old Testament Narrative and Christian Ethics – Jonathan R. Wilson
12. Turning a Blind Eye: Emmanuel Levinas, John 9, and the Blindness of Responsibility – Jeff Keuss
13. Mission as the Integrating Center of Theological Education – Jeffrey P. Greenman
14. Reading the Bible in the Global Marketplace – R. Paul Stevens
15. The Heart of Leadership is Asking the Right Questions – Peter Shaw CB
16. The Names Human and the Question of ‘Being’ Christlike – Darrell Cosden