Mission MA module intensives at Redcliffe College this year

Redcliffe College MA programmesRedcliffe’s MA in Bible and Mission is one of a number of postgraduate Master’s degrees we are running here at the college. We also have programmes in:

MA in Global Leadership in Intercultural Contexts
MA in Global Issues in Contemporary Mission
MA in Intercultural Studies in Asian Contexts
MA in European Mission and Intercultural Christianity
MA in Member Care
MA in Sport and Christian Outreach (in conjunction with the University of Gloucestershire)

The modules for these MAs are taught in intensive bursts throughout the year. To give you a flavour of what’s on offer, here is a list of planned dates and modules. Check out the links on each course above to see which modules are available on which programmes.

7-10 Oct and 9-12 Dec 2011
Method and content in missiological study

18-20 Oct and 15-17 Nov 2011
Reading the Bible missionally
An introduction to global leadership
Intercultural Christianity and the European Regions
The greening of mission

7-9 Feb and 20-22 March 2012
Theology of religions
Prosperity theology and suffering
Organisational development and cultural change
Just mission – justice issues in intercultural contexts (subject to validation by University of Gloucestershire)

2-5 Mar and 11-14 May 2012
The mission of the Church in the context of post-colonialism and globalisation
Crucial Issues in European mission and theology
Crucial issues in Asian mission and theology

30 April – 18 May 2012 (Summer school)
Bible engagement in intercultural contexts
Method and content in missiological study
The greening of mission
Crucial Issues in European mission and theology
Crucial issues in Asian mission and theology
The mission worker as a person: Building life-skills and interpersonal skills
The member care worker: Equipping self and others

Jesus, the Kingdom of God, and Christian Mission

This is the name of a brand new module Dr Kang-San Tan and I began teaching this morning at Redcliffe. A good crowd of our final year Applied Theology degree students came along and they are going to be treated to a course full of Bible and Mission!

I’ll be taking them for three double sessions relating to mission and the Kingdom of God in the Old Testament. We’ll be working with books by Graeme Goldsworthy, Walter Brueggemann, Chris Wright, and Arthur Glasser. Next week we’re looking at the ‘Yahweh is king’ metaphor in the Old Testament, and then discussing Goldsworthy’s use of ‘kingdom’ as a way of framing the whole biblical story.

It is a Brueggemann filled week as I am also using his Theology of the Old Testament as the jumping off point for an MA group on our Global Issues in Contemporary Mission programme. One of the modules is a critique of Prosperity Theology teaching (a huge issue globally), and I spend a double session with them looking at what the Bible has to say about suffering.

I don’t agree with everything Brueggemann says, but I love reading his stuff, which can be thought-provoking to say the least.