Bible, mission and mosaics

Assesments at Redcliffe College take many forms including essays, group or individual presentations, and the occasional exam. One of the highlights for me is when my colleague Derek Foster takes in the assessments for his Psalms course. Students are required to produce a piece of creative work that expresses a Psalm, and write an accompanying reflection.

HandsI’ll blog more about the immense variety of creative responses another time; for now I want to highlight one student for whom this assessment became a catalyst for a new creative vocation. Ali Edmondson is now in her final year on the BA (hons) in Applied Theology.  Her piece of Psalms coursework was a mosaic, ‘Hands’ (opposite), inspired by Psalm 24 (‘The earth is the LORD’s and everything in it…’).

MarySince that initial piece she has developed her obvious, God-given creative gift and produced a number of other stunning mosaics that reflect deeply on biblical texts. ‘Mary’ (opposite) came about as a result of work Ali was doing on my Isaiah course.

Check out Ali’s new website, Mosaic Creations. You can order prints of the mosaics in various formats.