Dan Beeby on the Bible, mission and Christendom

Canon and Mission - Dan BeebyJust a short quote to kick off the week. In his fantastic little book, Canon and Mission Dan Beeby asserts the following:

Christendom left us with a church that does not realize that the church exists for mission. It presented us with a God who is not the God of the missio dei. It obscured and concealed the fact that God is a missionary God and that the church exists for mission. It obscured the fact that theology is the handmaid of mission. And it obscured the fact that the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, if taken as a unity, is a handbook of mission. Unfortunately, we have a theology in Europe that is almost completely innocent of mission.

Beeby packs in a lot here. I would agree with what he asserts but would be interested to know if his final point (written in 1999) would still hold up, and whether readers would have agreed with him then or now. Perhaps my colleagues at Redcliffe’s Nova centre for research in European Mission would like to wade in? 🙂