Youversion offer another chance to download the NIV Bible app for free

If you want the NIV on your phone to use offline now is your chance! In a recent email YouVersion made this announcement:

Download the Offline NIV

For a limited time, you’ll be able to download the New International Version(NIV) for offline use in the Bible App. From 12:00 AM December 1 through 11:59 PM December 12—Central Time U.S. (GMT -6)—once again, you can download the NIV. If you missed your chance last time, or if you know someone who did, spread the word and make sure you take advantage of this opportunity! (When you download a version, that means you can read it in the Bible App—even when you can’t connect to your service provider or to the Internet.) Special thanks go to Biblica and Zondervan for making the NIV available to the YouVersion community!

Thank you Biblica, Zondervan and YouVersion 🙂

New Chris Wright book on The Mission of God’s People

Zondervan have announced the September 2010 publication of a new book by Chris Wright entitled, The Mission of God’s People: A Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission. This is sure to be another very significant publication from one of the foremost writers of our generation on Bible and Mission.

Here is the publisher blurb:

In The Mission of God’s People, Chris Wright shows how God’s big-picture plan directs the purpose of God’s people, the church. Wright’s pioneering 2006 book, The Mission of God, revealed that the typical Christian understanding of “missions” encompasses only a small part of God’s overarching mission for the world. God is relentlessly reclaiming the entire world for himself. Wright emphasizes what the Old Testament teaches Christians about being the people of God. He addresses questions of both ecclesiology and missiology with topics like “called to care for creation,” “called to bless the nations,” “sending and being sent,” and “rejecting false gods.” As part of the Biblical Theology for Life Series, this book provides you—whether you’re a pastor, teacher, or lay learner—with first-rate biblical study while at the same time addressing the practical concerns of contemporary ministry. The Mission of God’s People promises to enliven and refocus the study, teaching, and ministry of those truly committed to joining God’s work in the world.

Zondervan also note a talk that Wright gave the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary’s Spring Lectureship, which focused on the message of The Mission of God’s People, which is available for free here.

Last year Chris came to Redcliffe to deliver a public lecture on ‘The Bible and Mission’. Here is my post on the subsequent Bible and Mission issue of Encounters Mission journal, which was based on the lecture and responses to it.

HippoBooks African Evangelical imprint

I received Langham Partnership‘s January Enews yesterday, which featured a book in a new Africa Bible Commentary series brought out by a new imprint, HippoBooks.

Here’s how HippoBooks describes its imprint…:

HippoBooks is a shared imprint among several publishers and partners. Together, our vision is to stimulate spiritual and intellectual growth in the African church by developing books by African Christian authors who address African realities from an evangelical perspective.

The imprint is comprised of a broad range of serious Christian and theological publications written especially for pastors, church leaders, and academics (theological students, teachers, and scholars). Titles in this imprint include Bible commentaries and new works in biblical studies, cultural studies, ethics, history, systematic theology, and more.

…and the commentary series:

The Africa Bible Commentary Series builds on the vision of the acclaimed Africa Bible Commentary — to reach African pastors, students and lay leaders, with top notch biblical and theological scholarship, by Africans, for Africa, and the world.

These commentaries are divided into preaching units that contain detailed exposition of each passage as well as contemporary applications. The unit is not intended to be preached as a sermon, but as a resource for sermon preparation. Each unit is followed by two or three questions that could be used for a small group or personal study. Academic issues relating to the Greek text and disputes about interpretation are dealt with in extensive end notes.

The Langham Enews also linked to a review by Craig Blomberg of Samuel Ngewa’s commentary in this series on the Pastoral Epistles. Here’s an excerpt:

Affluent Westerners need to read this volume if only for the applications.  The most poignant of all for me came under 1 Tim. 5:18 (“workers  deserve  their wages”) when Ngewa described returning to Africa after graduate school and being told what his wife’s and his salaries would be by the Western mission agency that would be paying them.  When he explained about his extra needs due to resettling costs and having a baby, his request for a higher salary was denied because, as he explains, “any increase would make the gap between what we earned and the average pastor earned too large. . . .  The irony of the situation is that the person who declined our request was a missionary who was requesting more than our salaries combined to support each of his children! (p. 128)”

 Read the full review

Finally a quote from Chris Wright on the HippoBooks homepage:

“[It’s] time for the West to listen to the voice of the global Church.”