mission-net congress 2009
mission-net: congress 2009

On 8-13 April 2009 there will be a congress in Oldenburg, Germany, to motivate young people (roughly 16-30 year olds) to engage in mission. I will be doing a couple of sessions in the seminar programme on the Old Testament and mission. I came to faith at a similar kind of congress when I was 17.

Here’s a bit of blurb from the mission-net website. Maybe see you there?

it promises to be one of the most significant European events devoted to the subject of missions. If you are interested in worshipping and learning together with over 6000 others from many other European countries, then this event is for you!

It will be a chance for you to grow in your faith, discover what God is doing in your country, continent and world, and to find your part in it!

So make sure you don’t miss mission-net 2009! It promises to be a unique time together. See you there!

God’s Blessings

Andy Juliff, Director, mission-net 2009

3 thoughts on “mission-net

    1. You too, Eddie. It should be a great few days.
      I’ve put a link to your blog on my blogroll as we enjoy a good deal of overlap. Thanks for the mention on yours, though note the spelling of my surname 🙂
      See you in April!

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