kouya chronicles blogI said recently that I would blog on Eddie Arthur’s blog Kouya Chronicle. Eddie is Executive Director of Wycliffe UK, which is part of the Wycliffe Bible Translators family.

Eddie is a prolific, informative and thought-provoking blogger on a wide range of subjects including Bible and mission, Bible translation, missiology, theology and current events.

From what I have seen, Wycliffe have been one of the most ready mission agencies to work with new media such as blogs, video, twitter and Facebook. I had the pleasure of visiting Eddie a few weeks back and was really impressed both with him, and the work and approach of the organisation. They are also enthusiastic sponsors of Chris Wright’s public lecture on The Bible and Mission, which will be held at Redcliffe on 12 May.

So, do check out Eddie’s blog, and also Wycliffe UK’s website.

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