The intriguingly titled Crazy Squirrel blog posted on Mission and the book of Ezekiel a while ago. He highlights some interesting resonances between mission then and now. Here are a couple of quotes

The book of Ezekiel is a good example of God seeking to be known by all nations, and wanting Israel to be His example. Ezekiel was written during a period of exile. Exile occurred primarily because Israel was not following God’s commandments of living a pure and holy life. They were not following their missiological purpose and lifestyle.

I like the last sentence (though would prefer the term ‘missional’ rather than ‘missiological’), making as it does the important connection between calling and behaviour.

Ezekiel’s contribution to mission theology of Israel shows that God’s work in the world aims at something larger than one nation. We can see here that Israel is not the sole desire of God; He wants the nations to know Him as well. In order for the nations to know God, Israel must be a pure witness, cleansed of their sin. Israel was to operate with the awareness that God’s range of vision is decidedly on all the world’s nations. At the time of the exodus, God’s intention with Pharaoh was made clear: Pharaoh, and also “all peoples of the earth,” were to acknowledge Yahweh (Exodus 14:18).

Here, purity, calling and God’s desire for the nations is tied together. If you want to read the whole article visit the Crazy Squirrel blog

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