Gorman-blogMichael J. Gorman is a Professor of Sacred Scripture at St. Mary’s Seminary & University in Baltimore, and is known for books like Elements of Biblical Exegesis, Apostle of the Crucified Lord, and Inhabiting the Cruciform God.

Over the last few weeks he has been blogging on missional hermeneutics, which make interesting reading. Here are some of the questions he suggests a missional reading will ask of a text:

• What does this text say, implicitly or explicitly, about the missio Dei and the missional character of God?
• What does this text reveal about humanity and the world?
• What does this text say about the nature and mission of God’s people in the world, that is, about the church understood as an agent of divine mission rather than as an institution, civic organization, or guardian of Christendom?
• How does this text relate to the larger scriptural witness, in both testaments, to the missio Dei and the mission of God’s people?
• In what concrete ways might we deliberately read this text as God’s call to us as the people of God to participate in the missio Dei to which it bears witness?
• What does this text call us to unlearn and then learn afresh?
• What powers that could deceive, seduce, and harm the world or the church does this text unveil and challenge—or call us to unveil and challenge?
• How does this text call us as God’s people to be both different from and involved in the world?

Here is a link to the ‘missional hermeneutic’ category in Michael Gorman’s blog, Cross Talk

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