The wonderful people at Tyndale House have put online over 50 years worth of articles from the Tyndale Bulletin archive. This has been a key scholarly resource since its beginnings in 1956 so it is fantastic to have it all (apart from the latest three years) up there for all the world to access. There is no search function as such but you can always look for stuff using Ctrl-f.

Here’s what I found searching for ‘nations’:

Israel and the Nations: An Essay in Biblical Theology
Charles H.H. Scobie

God and His People in the Nation’s History: A Contextualised Reading of Amos 1 & 2
M. Daniel Carroll R.

Eschatology and Ethics: The Future of Israel and the Nations in Romans 15:1-13     
Scott Hafemann

The Destiny of the Nations in Revelation 21:1–22:5: A Reconsideration
Dave Mathewson

‘I Am Against You’: Yahweh’s Judgement on the Nations and its Ancient Near Eastern Context
Simon Sherwin

Malachi 1:11 and the Worship of the Nations in the Old Testament
Miss J. G. Baldwin

Happy hunting!

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