Today’s post is my contribution to Slipstream’s ‘DigiMission Synchro-blog’. It’s tied in to a DigiMission day that is taking place on 1 December, about which you can find more information on Slipstream’s website.

Mission in a digital age is a complex and exciting business and I’m pleased to say that the forthcoming December edition of Encounters Mission journal will revolve around the theme of ‘Technology and Mission’. I am co-editing the issue with Mike Frith of the excellent OSCAR, the online UK information service for world mission.

Some of the issues contributors will be covering include:

The impact of IT on mission and the impact of mission on IT
Reflections on 10 years of OSCAR
Mission-related blogs
Using video in mission
Internet evangelism
A case study of a mission agency and its missionaries using New Media

 It should be out in the first week of December, so watch this space. Encounters is freely available and you can subscribe to updates by clicking on the link above. It’s great that Encounters, Slipstream and many others are engaging with these issues. Let’s keep up the conversation.

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