So what does 2010 hold in store? To give you a flavour of some of the things I’ll be blogging on in future posts:

1. Redcliffe College is launching a Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission, which I am heading up. The centre aims to serve the Church by engaging in research, teaching, writing and speaking on mission in the Bible and the Bible in mission thinking, practice and training. Part of this will be the new…

2. Postgraduate MA in Bible and Mission, which will be starting in September, subject to validation by the University of Gloucestershire.

3. Redcliffe and allnations, the UK’s two specialist centres for mission training, have agreed to the principle of merging.

4. Teaching. Between now and the Summer I’ll be teaching on the Gospels, NT letters and ‘Jesus, the Kingdom of God and Christian Mission’. I’ll also be contributing individual MA sessions on ‘Metaphors we lead by’, ‘The Old Testament and Environmental Concern’, and ‘Suffering in the Bible’. We also have our annual Hebrew Week in June.

So lots to keep me busy and, hopefully, lots to interest you. Happy new year,


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