This is the title of the doctoral thesis of Chris Wigram, International Director of European Christian Mission, the full contents of which are archived on the University of Utrecht’s website. Here is the abstract and contents:

The thesis ‘The Bible and Mission in Faith Perspective: J.Hudson Taylor and the Early China Inland Mission’ by Christopher E.M. Wigram analysis the hermeneutical assumptions that underlay Hudson Taylor’s approach to biblical interpretation, and the significance of his approach for the mission which he founded, the China Inland Mission. The thesis sheds light on a hitherto unexplored aspect of Taylor’s spirituality. It also provides an instructive example of how sections of Protestant evangelicalism in the later nineteenth century reacted to the growth of biblical criticism; Hudson Taylor grounded the authority of scripture in its inner spiritual and Christological meaning, and was not afraid to emply elaborate allegory. It is set in the context of the cultural and religious influences that moulded new initiatives in mission and contributed to the rise of the Holines movement and faith expressions of mission.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Bible in mission before J. Hudson Taylor
Chapter 3: The immediate influence of movements and individuals on J. Hudson Taylor
Chapter 4: The Bible in J. Hudson Taylor’s spirituality
Chapter 5: The Bible in J. Hudson Taylor’s worldview
Chapter 6: The Bible in J. Hudson Taylor’s missionary teaching and preaching
Chapter 7: The Bible in the activities of the China Inland Mission until 1905
Chapter 8: Conclusion

This looks like a really useful case study of the way the Bible was understand and used in a specific missional setting.

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