How do you engage people with the Bible when they live in an oral culture? The whole area of literacy, oral culture, Bible translation and ‘storying’ is a crucial one in mission today. After all, as Grant Lovejoy of SIL puts it:

Does the spread of the Gospel depend on literacy? Jesus Christ is the eternal and living Word, after all, as John declares (John 1:1). The timeless message of His saving grace is proclaimed from one generation to the next in the Bible, the written Word of God. Are those who cannot—or will not—read the Word on the printed page essentially cut off from the Good News of salvation?

For one resource, have a look at the Jan/Feb 2008 edition of Momentum, which looks at the whole issue from a variety of perspectives:

Here is the contents

The Gospel’s advance can’t wait for literacy by Grant Lovejoy
Storytelling: frequently asked questions by Karl J. Franklin
A case for the longer-term use of storying by Roy Sloane
Storytelling among the Kao Bu by Tai Kadai
Doing something different by Steve Douglass
Oral approaches to augment a Bible translation process by Jim Stahl
Orality and translation: focusing on images rather than words by Janet Stahl
My journey into the world of narrative by Larry Dinkins

There is also a very helpful page on resources, both in electronic and book form.

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