On Wednesday the college community at Redcliffe will be spending the day reflecting on the Psalms and spirituality. There will be a time of corporate singing and prayer at the beginning, and I will be sharing on ‘Praying and Living the Psalms in Community’.

For the rest of the day there will be numerous activities as well as some workshops. Colleagues Rob Cook, Richard Johnson and Tricia Johnson will be leading optional sessions on a guided meditation, a poetry workshop, and Psalms and emotions, respectively.

Other activities (a number suggested by the students themselves) will include:

   – Spend time in quiet reflection and prayer
   – Be creative – respond to Psalms with music, art, dance, etc
   – Enjoy and reflect on the exhibition of Psalms artwork produced by students of the level two Psalms course over the years
   – read all through the psalms (possible in about 3 hours)
   – go for a walk: listening to psalms on ipod or with a Bible so that you can reflect on a psalm as you’re walking
   – listen to what God is saying to you or to how you are feeling and what you want to say to God and then write your own psalm
   – walk down to Gloucester Cathedral reading the Psalms of Ascent (120-134) as you go 
   – expressively read a psalm, emphasising on different words
   – get together with your prayer triplet and pray through a palm together – looking at what things stand out for each of you and why
   – Re-read some of material from the Spiritual Formation class and use that to draw closer to God.

We’ll then have a session at the end of the day to share what we’ve experienced and expressed.

We will also be producing a Psalms scroll together, which will feature the whole of the Psalter written out in hand in different languages.

I’ve written on Psalms and mission on previous posts
Biblical Basis of Mission course – week four 
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Look out for tweets (#psalmsday) throughout the day and join in the conversation!

A quick note on the image in today’s post. This is one of many amazing creations by Ali Edmondson, a student here at Redcliffe. I’ve posted on her work before so take a look at more pieces here.

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