This year’s Baptist Assembly will include two seminars on the theme of Bible and mission (thanks to my Redcliffe colleague Darrell Jackson for pointing this out to me). They are both on Saturday 1 May.

Here are the details…

Through different eyes: Reading the Bible in a global community
More and more Christians based in the UK are finding their experience of the Bible wonderfully enriched, as the eyes of readers around the world unlock fresh perspectives. Richard Kidd, Joe Kapolyo and Kumar Rajagopalan will tackle some familiar texts – expecting you never to hear them the same way again!
Arranged by the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Baptist Colleges

One God, one Bible, one mission: Reading scripture as the story of a missionary movement
What is the biblical basis for understanding the one mission to which we are called? Glen Marshall and Roger Standing will help open our eyes and hearts to God’s big story and encourage us to discover the ways in which we are being invited to take part.
Arranged by the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Baptist Colleges 

Excellent to see Bible and mission getting such good air time at these high profile events. If you are going to the Assembly, check it out and let me know what you thought.

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