Harriet Hill, co-author of Translating the Bible into Action: How the Bible can be Relevant in all Languages and Cultures has posted a very helpful document on the Lausanne Global Conversation and Scripture Engagement websites.

It talks about Bible/Scripture engagement as a process covering:

  • Bible Availability – Do people have access to the Bible in a language and media that they are able to use?
  • Bible Awareness – Are people aware of the Bibles that are available? Are they exposed to them?
  • Bible Use – Do people choose to read or listen to the Bible?
  • Bible Understanding – Do people understand what they read?
  • Bible Engagement – Through interaction with the written word, do people encounter the Living Word (Christ)?

You can read the whole document here. She has invited feedback so why not have a look and then add your comments to one of the sites mentioned above?

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