I came across another free, online journal that featuress some articles on Bible and mission themes. Global Missiology describes itself as “a quarterly publication of contributions from international researchers, practitioners and scholars who have a global perspective.”

Here are some of the articles that may be of interest:

Reading Romans Missiologically – William B. Barcley 
The Biblical Approach to Other Religions – Roger Hedlund 
Missional Theology – Tite Tiénou, Paul G. Hiebert 
Possessio and Syncretism in Biblical Perspective – Peter Beyerhaus 
Jeremiah 29:4-7 and Immigrant Ministry – William Ki 
Mentoring for Life in Abundance: Learning from Paul’s Example – Linford Stutzman 
Missional Narrative and Missional Hermeneutic for the 21st Century – Enoch Wan, Paul Heibert 
“Partnership” – A Relational Study of the Trinity in the Epistle to the Philippians – Enoch Wan, Johnny Yee-chong Wan 
A Missio-Relational Reading of Romans: A Complementary Study to Current Approaches – Enoch Wan 

Go to Global Missiology

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