Catalyst Online Journal

Catalyst Online is a journal for United Methodist (UM) seminarians but is also available on the web for the wider public. Its aims are

  • to alert seminarians to significant resources within the classical Christian tradition;
  • to highlight evangelical perspectives on Christian faith and practice;
  • to stimulate serious consideration of classical Christianity;
  • and to encourage a seminary experience fully within the Wesleyan tradition of uniting the two so long divided, knowledge and vital piety

It is well worth a look with some excellent scholars contributing articles.

Having looked through the archive here are three particular highlights for someone with an interest in Bible and Mission (I may well have missed some so add a comment to include others):

Missional Musings on Paul By Michael J. Gorman (volume 37.2, February, 2011)

What is a Missional Hermeneutic? by By Brian D. Russell (Volume 37.4, April, 2010)

Reading The Bible As One Story by Michael W. Goheen (Volume 33.3, March, 2007)

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