This Saturday 5 March, 9.30 – 12.30 at Redcliffe we are holding the first of our Biblefresh training events. To kick off we will be doing an overview of the Bible called, Grasping the big picture – a journey from Genesis to Revelation. Here’s the blurb:

Just as the picture on the box helps us to see how a jigsaw puzzle fits together, knowing the big story of the Bible can transform our reading of God’s word. Join us for a fun, interactive guided tour as we weave our way through God’s amazing story from Genesis to Revelation.

Come along!

I first attended a Bible overview as a student. Vaughan Roberts spent a day with us showing how the whole Bible fits together. It totally transformed the way I read the Bible.

Reflecting on that experience now I can pinpoint three major points of transformation in my reading of the Bible:

1. The coherent story of the Bible
Realising that the Bible is a single, coherent narrative (though made up of a rich variety of mini narratives, to say nothing of the the non-narrative elements of Scripture);

2. The literary variety of the Bible
Realising that different literary genres require different ways of reading in order to understand and apply the text;

3. The missional nature of the Bible
Realising that mission is not just a theme the Bible talks about in places but actually defines the origins, content and purpose of Scripture.

If you made a similar list of defining moments in your Bible reading, what would you include?


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