Last month Wheaton College held its 20th Annual Theology Conference on the subject of ‘Global Theology in Evangelical Perspective’.
You can listen, watch or download all of the papers for free by going to Wheaton’s website.
Here is a list of the speakers at the conference. It is a fantastic line up although I can’t help noticing the absence of any European theologies. Nevertheless, what an excellent resource!

Andrew Walls – The Rise of Global Theologies
Gene Green – The Hermeneutical Challenge of Contextual Theologies
Ruth Padilla DeBorst – Hispanic Theology
Q&A with Ruth Padilla Deborst and Gene Green
Juan Martinez – Latin American Theology
Terry LeBlanc – Native American Theology
Q&A with Juan Martinez and Terry LeBlanc
Samuel Escobar – Liberation Theology and the Development of Latin American Evangelical Theology
KK Yeo – Chinese Theology
Amos Yong – Asian American Theology
Q&A with K.K. Yeo and Amos Yong
Samuel Escobar – Chapel Service
Martin Accad – Middle Eastern Theology
Ken Gnanakan – Indian Theology
Q&A with Martin Accad and Ken Gnanakan
James Kombo – African Theology
Vince Bacote – African American Theology
Q&A with James Kombo and Vince Bacote
Lamin Sanneh – The Significance of the Translation Principle
Mark Labberton – Implications for Church, Ministry and Mission
Jeffrey Greenman – Implications for Teaching and Learning Global Theology
Speaker Dialogue Panel

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