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Ujamaa Centre for Biblical and Theological Community Development and Research logo. From their website.

It is always good to look at and learn from projects that take text and context seriously. The Ujamaa Centre for Biblical and Theological Community Development and Research is based at the University of Kwazulu-Natal. It describes itself as:

an interface between socially engaged biblical and theological scholars, organic intellectuals, and local communities of the poor, working-class, and marginalised. Together we use biblical and theological resources for individual and social transformation.

In particular, check out two pages in the resources section: Academic Resources and Practical Resources. I’ve listed the contents below for each but you’ll need to go to their website to access the links:

Ujamaa: Academic Resources

John 9 and HIV
Matthew 20 and Day Labourers
Esther and Contextual Bible Study method.

1. Other academic resources

James, G.L. Tell it like it is! The case to include the story of the rape of Tamar in children’s Bibles as an awareness tool.


Kumalo, S. The palace, the parish and the power: Church-State relations in Rwanda and the genocide

Kumalo, S.Transforming South African Methodism: The”Journey to the New Land” Programme 1992-1997.

West, G. O. (1997). Reading on the Boundaries: reading 2 Samuel 21: 1-14 with Rizpah. Scriptura, 63, 527-537.

West, G. O. (2006a). Contextual Bible reading: a South African case study. Analecta Bruxellensia, 11, 131-148.

West, G. O., & Zondi-Mabizela, P. (2004). The Bible story that became a campaign: the Tamar Campaign in South Africa (and beyond). Ministerial Formation, 103, 4-12.

West, G. O., Zondi-Mabizela, P., Maluleke, M., Khumalo, H., Matsepe, P. S., & Naidoo, M. (2004).Rape in the House of David: the biblical story of Tamar as a resource for transformation Agenda, 61, 36-41.

West, G. O. (2007). Thabo Mbek’s Bible: the role of religion in the South African public realm after liberation October, draft paper.

Ujamaa: Practical Resources

1. Doing Contextual Bible Study: A Resource Manual

Part 1: Introducing Contextual Bible Study
Part 2: Contextual Bible Studies

2. Contextual Bible Study, by Gerald West.

This book is available from Cluster Publications: http://www.clusterpublications.co.za/

3. Tamar Campaign: Contextual Bible Study Manual on Gender-based Violence

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

4. “Economic Matters” Contextual Bible Studies series

5. “Redemptive Masculinity” Contextual Bible Studies series

6. Workshop presentations of Contextual Bible Study methodology

“Mark 12″ Contextual Bible Study
“Redemptive Masculinities” Contextual Bible Study

7. Contextual Bible Studies on “Land”

8. Bible studies by Prof Tinyiko Maluleke (Unisa) published in Challenge Magazine

Reconciliation: its Beneficiaries and its Victims
Behold and Beware! The Poor are Standing at the Gates!
Beyond the Politics of the Stomach
Three Models of Manhood: In Search of Real Men
Crowd Control or Compassionate Ministry? Aspects of a New Model of Ministry
Christmas: What’s Love Got to Do with It?
Defenseless Baby Jesus in the Midst of the Defenseless Children of the World
Maids, Madams and Adams: the Unfinished Story of Martha and Mary

9. An Indian contextual Bible study on state land acquisition

10. A Bible study on Judges 11 by Cheryl Anderson

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