This week in our module Story, Song and Social Networks: Bible Engagement and Oral Culture students had to report on websites and ministries that deal with issues of orality and Bible Engagement. I asked them to explore the websites and consider three questions:

1. How do they define or assume orality in relation to the people they work with?

2. What kinds of projects interest you?

3. How do you think the projects might be contextualised to a different context you are interested in?

Lots of great discussion!

We used the list of sites available on the Bible and Orality resources page. Currently the list is as follows:

Bible Society
Bible Storying
Chronological Bible Storying
Communication Across Barriers
Faith Comes By Hearing
Global Recordings Network
International Orality Network
The Java Club
OneStory Partnership
Orality Strategies
Scripture Engagement
Scriptures in Use
Simply The Story
T4 Global Blog
Wycliffe Bible Translators (UK) 

Are there any sites we’ve missed? Leave a comment to suggest ones you think we should be including.

And if you want to reflect on issues of Bible and orality in more depth, you can always come to Redcliffe on either the BA(Hons) in Applied Theology in Intercultural Contexts, or even the MA in Bible and Mission!

4 thoughts on “Some Bible and Orality websites

  1. Thanks for this helpful list. I took a grad class on orality at Biola University this past summer and really enjoyed. I’m starting to put biblical storying into practice, especially in our family devotions, and also when we head back to Thailand soon. Storying is reproducible by anyone, including kids. If you’re interested, here’s a video of my 5 yr. old son telling the story of Jesus calming the storm from Mark 4:35-41 –>

    1. Hi Karl, great to see this kind of thing. Great video!! Thanks for your feedback and encouragement. I look forward to interacting more in the future, Tim

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