Today on the Reading the Bible Missionally module of Redcliffe’s MA in Bible and Mission we finished off our foundational work surveying the missional hermeneutics literature, before plunging back into Chris Wright’s The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative.

Following our look at Wright and Bauckham’s approaches (mentioned in the previous post), students came prepared to share about writers such as Michael Goheen, Dan Beeby, Darrell Guder and James Brownson.

Here are references to some of their works. If you are interested in taking it further check out our Bible and Mission books and articles page.

Beeby, H.D. Canon and Mission (Harrisburg: Trinity Press International, 1999).

Beeby, H.D. ‘A Missional Approach to Renewed Interpretation’ in C. Bartholomew, C. Greene and K. Möller (eds), Renewing Biblical Interpretation (Carlisle: Paternoster Press, 2000), 268-283.

Brownson, J.V. ‘Speaking the Truth in Love’, International Review of Mission, Vol 83, No. 330 (1994), 479-504.

Brownson, J.V. Speaking the Truth in Love: New Testament Resources for a Missional Hermeneutic (Harrisburg: Trinity Press International, 1998).

Goheen, M.W. ‘Continuing Steps Towards a Missional Hermeneutic’Fideles, Volume 3 (2008), pp.49-99.

Goheen, M.W. A Light to the Nations: The Missional Church and the Biblical Story (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2011).

Guder, D. ‘Missional Hermeneutics: The Missional Authority of Scripture‘, Mission Focus, Annual Review, 15 (2007), 106-121.

Guder, D. ‘Missional Hermeneutics: The Missional Vocation of the Congregation – and How Scripture Shapes That Calling‘, Mission Focus, Annual Review, 15 (2007), 125-142.

2 thoughts on “Missional hermeneutics reading part 2

  1. Hey..thank you for the book list. This is a topic that interests me very much. We use Guder’s questions in a ministry I oversee…tiny missional communities that meet out in the marketplace but which prepare for meetings by reading missionally. thank you again.

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