Eddie Arthur article on the Guardian websiteYesterday our good friend Eddie Arthur, UK Director of Wycliffe Bible Translators and visiting lecturer here at Redcliffe, wrote an article for the Guardian newspaper’s website on Bible Translation.

You can read the article here: The Bible should be available to read in every Christian’s native language

It is well worth a read and is doubly informative. Firstly, in a succinct way Eddie explains in layman’s terms some of the reasons why Bible Translation is so important. Secondly, it is fascinating and frustrating to read the comments that people have made (there have been about 300 comments since it went live less than 24 hours ago).

There are lots of discussions about both the Bible and mission, some related to the article, some not. I’d encourage you to scroll through some of the comments as, at the very least, they give a flavour of some of the hostility towards the Christian faith, the Bible, and the missionary activity of the church.

So why open oneself up to this kind of hostility? In the world of new media we have the opportunity to connect in ever-increasing ways. We also have the possibility of being misunderstood and dismissed as well. But who knows what might come of this kind of discussion? So good on you, Eddie, for putting yourself out there.

In a recent lecture we were looking at the Bible page on Facebook. In a Youtube video, the founder of the page, Mark Brown talks about how such hostility can turn into opportunities for the Gospel. I’ve linked to it below.

So let’s pray that in the midst of the debate God will be at work in those who otherwise might not have encountered his Word.

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