EEA websiteThe European Evangelical Alliance has just published a document entitled, ‘Biblical Guidelines on Civil Public Square Thinking’. You can find the full document, as well as a summary, on the EEA website.

Just as a taster, here is the intro to the summary, main headings and concluding statement.

EEA encourages all Christians to work for & in a civil public square with freedom, space for the Gospel to thrive, respectful co-existence of different kinds of people & peaceful resolution of conflicts. We believe this is a thoroughly biblical duty for the following reasons.

I-THE FOUNDATION: God’s blessings to his people have always been for the wider good

1-God´s own character. His goodness & mercy are great & for all. (Psalms 145: 9, 15-16, Psalm 103: 8, 11).
2-Jesus Christ: the visible image of God´s mercy for all (John 1: 9).
3-The Early Church & the apostolic teaching: example & evidences in everyday life (Romans 12: 18).

II-THE IMPLEMENTATION: God´s will in relating to mankind is to promote respect for difference, to respect freedom & demand responsibility

1-Promoting a genuine respect for difference (Romans 15: 7).
2-Respecting freedom and demanding responsibility (1 Samuel 8: 19-22).


A narrow horizon: lack of a “wider embrace”.
The hidden lamp: lack of visibility.
The temptation to try to make people be like us: lack of love & grace.
Imposing versus proposing: lack of respect for difference.CONCLUSION

To have a prophetic impact, we must follow the example of the Servant of the Lord, who was a blessing for all (Isaiah:49: 6). This great challenge implies example, proclamation, invitation, defence & confrontation in the civil public square. Such a great task is impossible to accomplish with human resources. The freedom revolution that Jesus ushered in is so radical that, without a moral steer from the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures and much prayer, it literally cannot be handled. We pray earnestly for the Lord’s help.

What do you think?

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