The Henry Martyn Centre in Cambridge has some fantastic resources available for the study of mission, including a number of papers related to the Bible and Mission.

One excellent example is Chris Wright’s 2000 paper on ‘Christian Mission and the Old Testament: Matrix or Mismatch’. Although he has written at more length and more recently on the subject it is helpful to have such resources freely available. Just as a taste, in his paper Wright responds the the paucity of reflection on mission in the OT (most famously by Bosch) by saying:

A more fully biblical understanding needs to show how the missionary mandate of the NT had its roots in the OT scriptures. This task requires careful attention to the rich texture of OT themes and texts that shaped, justified and motivated that NT mission through Israel’s self-understanding of their own mission as the elect people of God in the midst of the nations. What follows is a brief survey of some of the themes that might be included in such a task.

His survey works through several headings:

– The uniqueness and universality of Yahweh
– The purpose of Yahweh: blessing the nations
– Yahweh’s election of Israel for the purpose of blessing the nations
– The interaction of Israel and the nations, historically, culturally, religious
– The ethical dimension of Israel’s ‘visibility’
– Eschatological vision; ingathering of nations
– Models of ‘mission’ (key events, institutions, individuals)

No-one has done more to put the OT on the agenda of Bible and Mission scholarship than Wright. Although the paper will have been supeceded by his more recent and more substantial writings (see a list in our Bible and Mission books and articles section) it is great to have a record of the developing thinking of Wright as part of the wider conversation.

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