ImageThe brilliant Bible Society are providing resources for Bible Sunday on 28 October here in the UK. Here’s some explanation from the Bible Society website:

28 October or any day you choose!


Welcome! We hope you will join Christians all over England and Wales as we celebrate the Bible.

Then join our campaign to Bless You by putting the Word into action with acts of biblically-based blessing.

Anyone can join the celebration

As an individual: Take time yourself on Bible Sunday to get deeper into the Bible. Share it on facebook.

As a group: Use our Bible Society resources for a fresh approach to the Bible in your home group and share the stories of people waiting for the Bible in their own language.

As a church: Hold a Bible Sunday service at your church, celebrating the importance of the Bible and raising money to see people all over the world receiving the Bible.

Celebrate the Bible

Bible Sunday is about celebrating the impact of the Bible in our lives, our churches and our communities. Share your story on facebook!

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