Stuttgart Theological Topics is a dual-language journal (German and English – mainly known as Stuttgarter Theologische Themen) containing ‘lectures of the EUSABIA Professional Conference for Bible, Theology and Missions’.

Issues 2 to 5 (2007-2010) are available online for free as PDFs and you can even hear MP3 recordings of the talk on which the articles are based.

Do view and download PDFs and MP3 go to: Stuttgarter Theologische Themen journal

Here’s a list of the contents for vols 1-5.

Volume 5 (2010)  Bible Interpretation in the Horizon of Old Testament Theology and in Interaction with the Islamic View of Scripture

Ida Glaser – Reading Genesis in the Context of Islam: Windows on the Texts

Peter Wassermann – Ishmael or Isaac? The salvation-historical interpretation of the Sons of Abraham

Martin Goldsmith – The Indwelling of God among Mankind: The SHEKHINA

Markus Piennisch – The Biblical-Semitic Aspect of Hermeneutics: An Introduction to the Field of Study


STT Vol. IV (2009)  The Interchange of Christianization and Islamic Expansion in Historical and Missionary Perspective

Peter Riddell – The Call to Islam: Diverse Methods and Varied Responses

Ramy Wannous – The Crusades from the View of an Arab Christian belonging to the Orthodox Faith

Peter Wassermann – The Influence of Scholasticism of the Development of Theology in Christianity and Islam

Markus Piennisch – Religions in the Perspective of Christian Missions: Historical and theological Aspects


STT Vol. III (2008)  Currents in New Testament Interpretation on their Effects on Theology and Missions

Peter Wassermann – Son of God and Son of Man, Part 1: Testimonies of the Old Testament

Richard Harvey – The Impact of Christianity on the Development of Messianic Jewish Thought

Peter Wassermann – Son of God and Son of Man, Part 2: Testimonies of the New Testament

Markus Piennisch – The “Biblical-Semitic Aspect” in the Basic Structure of the WORD-DEED of God (dabar)


STT Vol. II (2007)  The Impact of Christian History and Theology on Judaism and Islam and its Significance for Missions Today

Samuel Shahid – The Impact of Christianity on the Arab Peninsula in Pre-Islamic Times

Abd al-Masih – Which Witnesses and Methods did the Lord Jesus use to call many Muslims to Himself? (upon request)

Richard Harvey – The Impact of Christianity on the development of Messianic Jewish Thought

Markus Piennisch – Christian Theology in the Islamic Context: Missionary and Hermeneutical Perspectives

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