Missiological HermeneuticsA very welcome new book has been published recently entitled, Missiological Hermeneutics: Biblical Interpretation for the Global Church. It is written by Shawn Redford and is published by Wipf and Stock as part of the American Society of Missiology Monograph Series.

Here’s some blurb and contents:

How have those engaged in the mission of God been challenged to reinterpret Scripture through their experience? In what ways were the missionaries in the Bible challenged to reevaluate Scripture in their own time? Redford attempts to give shape to the nature of missional hermeneutics by examining Scripture, present-day cultural values, historical struggles, and the experience of those who are engaged in the mission of God. In order for missionaries to overcome the scientific polarization in Western hermeneutics, they must be able to perceive and learn from the overarching missional and spiritual hermeneutics found throughout Scripture so that they can balance missional, spiritual, historical-critical, and even unforeseen hermeneutical paths, providing increased confidence in biblical interpretation.


one – Introduction · 1
two – Biblically Informed Missional Hermeneutics · 8
three – A Missional Critique of Current Hermeneutical Theory · 85
four – A Missional Critique of the Hermeneutics Used in a Difficult Missional Issue: A Case Study · 133
five – The Role of Mission Praxis upon Missiological Hermeneutics: A Case Study · 232
six – Conclusion · 290

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