Highlighted on the Redcliffe Research blog. Redcliffe teaches Bible and Mission and Scripture Engagement to MA level through specialist streams on our Contemporary Missiology programme. Visit here for more info http://www.redcliffe.org/courses/cross-cultural-mission-training/contemporary-missiology-ma#144739-content

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The Impact of Vernacular ScripturesThe Scripture Engagement website is an excellent website and is full of information and links for SE. A couple of recent graduates on Redcliffe’s Bible and Mission programme have posted their dissertations in the resources section. Here are the abstracts and links to the relevant pages. These were very good pieces of work so well worth reading for how to structure and write a dissertation as well as for the fascinating content.

Author: Mark Woodward

MA dissertation: Bible & Mission, Redcliffe College, UK (2014)


In many ways the Malila and Nyiha are typical of Tanzania’s numerous multilingual communities, where both Swahili and the local language are used as part of everyday life. Given that there are several versions of the Swahili Bible, two of which are generally available…

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