PrintI’m enjoying reading Brian Russell’s (re)Aligning with God: Reading Scripture for Church and World. In this excerpt from the chapter, ‘The OT Story: Creation, Fall, and Israel’, he reflects on the ‘international framework’ of Gen. 3-11:

‘These stories remain in the same international framework of Genesis 1-2. The narratives of Gen. 3-11 are descriptive of the global human condition. There is still no Israel. We will find a few faithful followers of God, but we have not yet reached the moment when God will call a new humanity into his service to begin the narrative thread that will culminate with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and the unleashing of the Church through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is vital to recognize this international context. The Bible is the story for all humanity. The Bible will soon narrow its focus for a time on the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as the human lineage through whom Jesus Christ will emerge, but the first eleven chapters of Genesis set the backdrop for the biblical story as a whole and assume its relevance for every people, language, and nation.’

Want to take this further? Come and study more about Bible and Mission with me on Redcliffe’s Summer school mode Contemporary Missiology MA, including the module ‘Reading the Bible Missionally’ running this July.

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