Why Are We Here?Who are we as Church and why do we exist?

Here’s what David Bosch has to say in his closing remarks on a chapter on Matthew’s Gospel.

‘The disciples are called to proclaim Jesus’ ultimate victory over the power of evil, to witness to his abiding presence, and to lead the world toward the recognition of the love of God. In Matthew’s view, Christians find their true identity when they are involved in mission, in communicating to others a new way of life, a new interpretation of reality and of God, and in committing themselves to the liberation and salvation of others. A missionary community is one that understands itself as being both different from and committed to its environment; it exists within its context in a way which is both winsome and challenging (cf Frankemölle 1982:99, 127f). In the midst of confusion and uncertainty, Matthew’s community is driven back to its roots, to the persons and experiences which gave birth to it, so that it can rediscover and reclaim those persons and events, come to a more appropriate self-understanding, and on the basis of this discern the nature of its existence and calling (cf LaVerdiere and Thompson 1976:594).’

It is now 25 years since the publication of Transforming Mission. To mark the occasion this year’s Global Connections Mission Educators Forum (16-17 June) is on the theme of ‘Beyond Bosch’. Along with Kirsteen Kim and John Corrie, I will be speaking at the event. My session is entitled, ‘The Bible and Mission Beyond Bosch’.

Want to take this further? Come and study more about Bible and Mission with me on Redcliffe’s Summer school mode Contemporary Missiology MA, including the module ‘Reading the Bible Missionally’ running this July.

[image from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lennon_Wall_Hong_Kong_Why_Are_We_Here.jpg]


3 thoughts on “Finding our true identity in God’s mission

  1. Reading about what is my identity gives me a new meaning as today is my birthday and it makes me think. What is my identity and on my journey forward what best I can do in the light of the biblical message in a Christian western world when we hear that the extinction of the church is generation away. It makes me think.

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