(thanks to the Scripture Engagement website for making me aware of this one)

book_biblegenzBible Society Australia have brought out a collection of essays on the ways in which Generation Z are engaging with the Bible. Here’s some blurb and the contents list:

Did you know:

Only 4 per cent of young people read the Bible daily and 7 out of 10 have never read it.

Young people are ten times more likely to read the Bible if they are involved in a group which encourages them to do so.

Only 1 in 100 youth will pick up the Bible out of curiosity or interest.

Find out how you can engage young people with the Bible; what’s working and what isn’t, and to get that other 99 to pick up a Bible. Bible Society’s Adrian Blenkinsop has pulled together a collection of essays for youth engagement with the Bible to help them, and their youth leaders, keep the faith.

Ch1. Bible engagement amongst Australian young people – Philip Hughes

Ch2. From the coal face – Adrian Blenkinsop

Ch3. Six leaders respond to the findings: Graham Stanton, Kylie Butler, Cameron Bennett, Fr Chris Ryan, Mark Mitchell, Brenton Killeen

Ch4. Case study 1: City Bible Walks – Christop Booth

Ch5. Case study 2: Immerse – Travis Johnson

Ch6. Case study 3: Vetamorph – Paul ‘Digger’ Randle

For more details go to Bible Society Australia’s website

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